A Whole Lot of Words

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My excited face!
Look, over there, it’s huge pile of writing, and I did it!

A couple of weeks ago, I finished writing the fourth in a series of novels I’d been contracted to ghost write. I’m now starting another series for the same people, and getting paid to do what I love is cause to rejoice. But this also seems a good time to pause and give my ego free rein. Because I’ve written a book a month since October, and that’s pretty bloody productive.

OK, so I didn’t plan these novels, and the editing on the last one still isn’t complete. But I wrote each one while responding to the edits on the one before, and while contributing to plans for the next series. Alongside those, I was also working on my own fiction, as well as writing articles and blog posts.

If I ever had any doubts about whether I could make a living through writing, I’m ready to kiss them goodbye now. Not only did I write all those books, but they’re selling, and they’re getting good reviews. Once I find the time to market my own fiction properly, I can make this work.

To think two years ago I was improving administrative procedures. Stuff that, this is the life!

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      1. I’m going to come back to this because I was putting it into the terms of my profession and even with a complete detailed brief and a QA Team putting fixes back, that type of workrate would still be incredible. I mean most people don’t even read a book in a month.

    1. Things got fuzzy when the breaks between books moved around, but I think it was around 70k per book, starting shorter and ending longer. The next lot are aiming for 80k per book. Once you add on the other writing, I’m probably producing around 100k per month total at the moment.

  1. Notchtopping indeed Andrew! And very inspirational. I’m slogging right now, following the ‘80% is showing up’ mantra. Need to get back on those podcast exercises. Did you have one “A-Ha” moment? Several? What did you do at your lowest points?

    1. I’ve had all sorts of ups, downs and a-has to get through this. I think a lot of it comes from doing exactly what you’re doing and keeping on showing up. After a while, the words just kept flowing because I’d got into the rhythm of it. I’m probably most productive a couple of hours into a writing day – by then my brain’s warmed up nicely but I’m not yet getting tired.

      As for the lowest points, honestly, I didn’t always get those right. Because of the way my depression manifests, I often have trouble telling the difference between a day when I’m just feeling unmotivated and should push on through, and those when I need to stop and rest or cripple myself psychologically for a couple of days. So there was a lot of trying to judge my own mood, and remembering that it’s OK to take a rest when I need to. This whole thing has been a useful experience in improving my self-awareness.

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