Views On Real World Stuff

I don’t generally discuss religion, politics and other such contentious issues on the internet, especially not here on my blog. That said, I think it’s important to be open about my points of view, both to stand up for them and so that, if you really want to, you can better understand where my stories are coming from. So, short version…

I’m a staunch atheist from a Methodist background. I’m middle class. I have two degrees in history, and post-graduate qualifications in teaching and social science. I’m English, but not patriotic. I grew up in Norwich, spent several formative years in Durham, and have also lived in London and Greater Manchester before settling in Yorkshire. I’m pro-European, but think the continent’s political institutions need massive reform. My political view are generally green and left-wing – socially liberal, economically Keynesian, and in favour of government intervention to rebalance the power wealth brings. I’m a pacifist. I’m a feminist, which to me means that I believe in equality between men and women, and that we’ve got a long way to go on that. I believe that gender is fluid, not binary, and though I’ve only ever been romantically interested in women I’m happy for other people to snog, shag or marry whoever they want, regardless of the genitals involved. I believe in nuclear disarmament. I’m a member of the Green Party of England and Wales, but not very active. I believe in the decriminalisation of drugs, not because I want to take them, but because I want to disempower the armed gangs that currently control the trade. I’m a vegetarian, and might one day go vegan. I’ve sometimes been teetotal, sometimes a terrible drunk, and these days I consume in moderation. I suffer from depression, sometimes severely. I favour lean improvement methods in business, and think all businesses and organisations could benefit from using them more. I’m trying to live a simpler lifestyle with less possessions, but that’s trickier than it sounds.

So there you go. If you think something significant is missing then just say. If you want to get into a debate about any of this then you’re probably out of luck – I generally find internet discussions on these issues to be both fruitless and unpleasant, and so steer clear of them.