Anybody for a little light reading?

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Turns out I have a terrible pleading for help face.
Turns out I have a terrible pleading for help face.

Dear reader, the time has come for me to ask you a favour. Not a big one, if you enjoy reading what I write, but a favour none the less.

Would you like to help proofread my new book?

I’m about an hour’s editing away from finishing the first book in a new steampunk adventure series. I can’t afford professional editing, so I’m relying on folks I know to read and comment on issues both big and small. Laura’s going to have a first read through, and in about a week’s time I’ll be sending it to other people for comments. If any of you would like to help out, and have time to read and comment on a short book (novella length – around 30,000 words) then please let me know. The more eyes I can get on this first volume (and the second, if you enjoy it enough to comment on that one too), the less likely I am to publish some awful rambling mess.

Anyone who helps out will receive my eternal thanks, along with an acknowledgement in the book and some kind of writing/blogging favour. I’d say a free copy of the book, but the first volume’s going to be free anyway. But hey, help with both books and get a free copy of the second one when they come out!

If you’d like to help out then please leave a comment below or contact me by whatever other means you have.

Thanks in advance!