The cover of the book Ashes of the Ancestors

Ashes of the Ancestors

In a haunted monastery at the heart of a crumbling empire, a lone priest tends the fires for the dead. A servant bound by the bones of her family, Magdalisa is her people’s last link to the wisdom of the past.

But as the land around them dies, new arrivals throw the monastery into turmoil. A dead warlord demanding recognition. Her rival, seizing the scraps of power. Two priests, both claiming to serve the spirits, both with their own agendas.

As ancient shadows struggle for the soul of an empire, Magdalisa must decide how far she will go to keep tradition alive.

Ashes of the Ancestors, a novella about memory and tradition, out now from Luna Press Publishing. Click here for bonus materials including short fiction, interviews, and commentary.

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“Genuinely excellent, thoughtful and very different fantasy piece.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“A hugely inventive fantasy exploring how the past rules us… Strongly recommended.” – Runalong the Shelves

“Fantasy is often said to be a perfect metaphor to speak about our societies. Ashes of the Ancestors does it in a remarkable way, with a world that is very much its own and characters we could all recognise. Knighton has written a perfect story for our times and it’d be a pity to miss this mirror he holds up to us in such a successful manner.” – The Middle Shelf