Celebratory filler post!

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I’d offer apologies for the lack of substance today, but they’d be insincere. My brother and I both have birthdays within days of each other in June, and so I spent the weekend celebrating with him and his family. Laura and I got to spending the evenings with our nieces, the ever-enthusiastic Princess and Ever-ready, and Pete and I spent Saturday playing games while the girls were out. It was pretty awesome.

This morning I had my shoulders pummelled by the physiotherapist, which will be great for my medium term productivity but took out a whole morning and any catching up I would have done.

So, if you want a writing lesson for today it’s this – plan in advance, because life is always catching up with you, in good ways as well as bad.

Normal service will resume tomorrow with much enthusing about Guy Gavriel Kay because I’ve just finished Lord of Emperors and, spoiler alert, IT’S AMAZING!