China Miéville and the future of books

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China Miéville is, in my opinion, one of the most exciting authors working today. He combines imagination and insight to create worlds that are deep and fascinating, full of characters that interest me. And because he’s also a commentator on and teacher of literature he gets treated surprisingly seriously by the literary establishment, leading to events like the talk below that he gave in 2012.

I think that this is a fascinating talk on potential futures for writers. One of the best things about it is that Miéville isn’t saying ‘this is what will happen’, he’s saying ‘this is what could happen’. Change is unavoidable and can bring great things, and he sets out explore its possibilities.

I recommend watching this if you have any interest in books. Miéville’s talk starts about twelve minutes in and finishes around the half hour mark. I’m sure that there are interesting comments from the audience afterwards, but I didn’t get through all of those.



So where do you see books going in the future? Agree with Miéville, disagree, not sure? Share your thoughts below.