Christmas as fantasy

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A lot about Christmas looks like a fantasy story. Whether it’s the magic guy who comes down the chimney with presents, the otherworldly snow scenes in greetings cards, or the shared wish that just for one day we could make the ordinary world vanish. The original Christmas story has a lot to inspire fantasy authors too, whether it’s signs in the sky, the epic journey of the wise men, the chosen one born in the stable, the prophecies, the angels, or the villainous Herod.

My favourite Christmas fantasy story is a more modern one, at least by biblical standards. Narrated by a hook-nosed goblin-like creature of uncertain origin, featuring travel back through time, glimpses into the future, ghostly apparitions and talking animals, I watch it every year. It is of course the Muppets Christmas Carol.

Last year I was too ill to eat Christmas dinner, but I still managed to watch this fabulous tale. And in case you were considering not watching it this year, here’s a reminder of why you should:



Because however hard they commercialise this time of year there’s still some fantasy in it that can lift us up. And after all it’s only five more sleeps ’til Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Christmas as fantasy”

  1. Muppet Christmas Carol is a tradition at my house! It wouldn’t be the holidays with it and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Also, if you haven’t read Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather I highly recommend it.

    1. I have to admit, I haven’t watched The Nightmare Before Christmas – maybe one to add this year.

      As for Hogfather, totally agree – but then Pratchett seldom ever gets a word wrong.

      Merry Christmas, and enjoy the Muppets!

  2. Andrew…this is the ghost of your Christmas past…repent now….or I have cousin you know….and like things happen…you know…unfortunate things….(in case you don’t remember that’s a joke from almost 20 years ago).

    I hope you are well and would love to catch up sometime. I assume you still drink beer? Do you still talk to Dan?

    Shoot me a response – would love to reconnect.

    Dave Johnson – former hooka buddy

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