To Win Just Once, issue 5115 – On the First World War battlefield of Messines Ridge, Jimmy Wilson looks for redemption from his failures. Art by Vicente Alcazar, cover by Neil Roberts.

The Forlorn Hope, issue 5139 – After drunkenly joining Wellington’s army, Tom Hopper heads off to war in Spain and the deadly storming of the city of Badajoz. Art and cover by Manuel Benet.

Walking the Line, issue 5147 – RAF pilot Alan Freeman faces Nazi agents and local traitors as he flees the Nazis in occupied France. Art by Morhain and Rezzonico, cover by Neil Roberts.

Harriet’s War, issue 5179 – In the final days of the First World War, ambulance driver Harriet Weekes rushes to save lives on both sides of the line. Art by Khato, cover by Ian Kennedy.

Lady Death, issue 5217 – Teacher turned sniper Svetlana Ivanovna Korzh becomes caught up in a deadly battle to save the Ukraine. Art and cover by Manuel Benet.

Splashdown in the Pacific, issue 5257 – When quiet, unassuming Pilot Ken Rooney decides to help an Australian reconnaissance officer, he takes on far more adventure than he expected. Art and cover by Carlos Pino.

1066, issue 5301 – A young warrior’s loyalty is put to the test in the tumultuous events of 1066. Art by Klacik & Muller, cover by Ian Kennedy.

Stealing Stukas, issue 5307 – A pair of RAF officers hunt for enemy planes in the North African desert. Art by Muller & Klacik, cover by Keith Burns.

Out of the Woods, issue 5319 – Canadian twins Tom and Harry are caught up in the first deadly gas attack of WW1. Art by Muller & Klacik, cover by Tom Foster.

Rats in the Rubble, issue 5327 – A deadly battle in a ruined Berlin orphanage brings up bitter memories for a Soviet soldier. Art by Muller & Klacik, cover by Neil Roberts.

Durand’s Dunkirk, issue 5335 – A French tank crew fight a desperate battle to hold the Germans back during the WW2 evacuation of Dunkirk. Art by Morhain & Defeo, cover by Keith Burns.

Dodger’s Dunkirk, issue 5337 – A British infantryman struggles to accept the need for retreat in a story tied to Durand’s Dunkirk. Art by Morhain & Defeo, cover by Keith Burns.

Flying Fever, issue 5347 – A dedicated pilot stretches himself to breaking point during the Battle of Britain. Art by Muller & Klacik, cover by Ian Kennedy.

V for Vitoria, issue 5351 – British riflemen and Spanish guerrillas join forces in a fight against the power of Napoleonic France. Art and cover by Manuel Benet.

Flight to Freedom, issue 5369 – Captured off the coast of Malta, a pair of British pilots plot a daring escape from an opera singing Italian. Art by Morhain and Defeo, cover by Ian Kennedy.

Face of 1000 Heroes, issue 5373 – In a near future of corporate wars, cloned soldiers rebel against their overlords. Art by Muller and Klacik, cover by Neil Roberts.

Desert Vultures, issue 5391 – In the Western Desert of World War Two, a pair of mismatched officers struggle to cooperate against a common foe. Art by Vicente Alcazar, cover by Neil Roberts.

The Forgotten Hero, issue 5405 – A mysterious wreath at a funeral leads to a story of heroism in the Falklands War. Art by Vicente Alcazar, cover by Neil Roberts.