Coming Soon (Maybe) – High Stakes at High Noon

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Peachill, the publishing company for which I co-wrote Inca: The Golden Sun, are launching their full crowdsourcing platform for books this month. As part of that, they’re featuring a project pitch from me, High Stakes at High Noon:

Clara came out west looking for her sister and an end to a family feud. But when she arrived in Hunter’s Bank, she found Anne in chains, framed for murder by a corrupt sheriff with a deadly agenda. Now Clara must rally her faltering magical powers and fight a force greater than herself if she’s to save not just her sister but the whole town.

High Stakes at High Noon is set on the Gambler’s Frontier, the setting I’ve used for western fantasy stories such as this year’s Frontier Games. If it reaches its crowdfunding goals at Peachill, then they’ll pay me up front to write it, as well as a share of the profits from sales. So if you’re interested in reading more in that setting, please check out the project page at Peachill and consider contributing to the funding drive.