Enough with the ‘steampunk’ already! – a guest post on JoshPunk

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I’m a bit of a pedant when it comes to words. Precision matters. Meaning matters. The subtler implications of words matter.

And on that theme, my blog post for today isn’t actually here, but is over at Josh Stanton’s excellent JoshPunk blog. It starts something like this…

Enough with the ‘steampunk’ already!

I love the things that make up steampunk. I love the strange, half-historical style. I love the adventurous literature, comics and music. I love dressing up as a Victorian manservant with a tea tray full of cake and bullets, ready to take on Rasputin and his automaton minions (OK, they were ninjas not automata, but other than that that’s how I once spent my Sunday).

But there’s one thing that bugs me more and more. It’s the word we use to identify this style and this culture. It’s the signifier of what it’s all about. And for me, it’s starting to fall flat.

It’s calling it ‘steampunk’.

To read the rest of the article, please hop on over to Josh’s blog.

Joshua Stanton – gentleman, scholar and steampunk gunslinger