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When I did the IC Publishing blog tour a couple of weeks back one of the people I tagged in was fellow fantasy writer and resident of the Greater Manchester sprawl R. A. Smith. He’s a busy man, and didn’t have time to write his post then, but he’s done it now and it’s worth a read.

R. A. Smith prepares to board the Writing-Plane on a mission of adventure
R. A. Smith prepares to board the Writing-Plane on a mission of adventure

One of the most useful points he makes is the importance of networking. As writers it’s never just enough to put your words down on the page or screen. You have to get out there and let people know about them, or else how will you have readers?

Plus R., like me, enjoys the London Underground. I know lots of people, my wife Laura included, hate that place, but I find it endlessly fascinating.

This blog tour has been pretty fascinating for me – learning about other writers’ processes and how easily we can make connections with just a little extra effort. It’s a nice reminder of the benefits of our beautifully interconnected world.

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