Festive fantasy movie time? Bring on the Muppets!

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With Christmas coming, it’s time to watch my all time favourite fantasy film. More dramatic than Conan the Barbarian. As heart-wrenching as Pan’s Labyrinth. Only a fraction of the length of Lord of the Rings. I refer of course to Muppet Christmas Carol.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBthi_An5qQ?rel=0&w=560&h=315]


I’ve made my case before for Muppet Christmas Carol being a fantasy film, but to recap, there are ghosts, talking animals and whatever Gonzo is. There’s magic, prophecy and travel through time. There are alternating potential realities. Sure, it’s also a kids’ film, a comedy film and a musical. But this is quite clearly fantasy, and proof of how misguided people are when they try to treat fantasy as some nerdy, shameful thing to brush away into the corner. Fantasy happens any time we break the rules of reality and let our imaginations run riot, and just because something doesn’t feature swords and sorcery doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of the label.

It helps that Dickens’s Christmas Carol is a beautiful yet creepy story with a classic redemptive character arc. It helps that the Muppets are timeless characters of whimsy and wonderful design. It helps that the tunes are delightfully catchy. But it’s when you bring all of that together that the magic really happens.

If I only watch one festive film, it will be this. If you aren’t already, you really should make time in your Christmas schedule to watch it too.

What festive classics will the rest of you be watching? I bet most of them are fantasy.

5 thoughts on “Festive fantasy movie time? Bring on the Muppets!”

  1. Also, of course, although it is a great ensemble piece it is very hard to understand how Michael Caine was passed over for Best Supporting Actor that year. Truly the performance of his career.

    1. But how could they have picked a single member of the cast to give the supporting statue to? Sure Caine’s great, but it’s also one of Rizo the Rat’s finest performances.

  2. This is my favourite Christmas movie! I watch it faithfully every year. It has permanently usurped the Alistair Sim version as the best retelling of the story. That song by the Spirit of Christmas Present gives me goosebumps every time. 🙂 And yes, this is Rizo’s best performance. I also love that bit by Sam the Eagle. “It is the British way!”

    Other than this one, I always watch Love Actually. Who can resist Bill Nye singing the worst Christmas song of all time?

    1. Love Actually is another great one, and I think Bill Nighy’s part is my favourite plotline in it, just because it’s got the most offbeat take on what love means. That said, I’d pay good money to see scientist Bill deliver his version of that song. Maybe something about gravity being all around.

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