A Golden Age of Television

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It’s often said that we live in a golden age of television because of how good the shows are. And sure, that’s true.

All achieved despite this man.
All achieved despite this man.

But I think the most golden thing is the way we view.

Instead of a TV licence, I now have subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I can watch Legend of Korra in bed at two in the morning if I want. Instead of waiting for six o’clock on a Thursday to get my weekly episode of Star Trek, I can put it on at a time that suits me. If I have a sick day, I’m not stuck with daytime television or a small collection of DVDs. I can choose from a vast range of viewing.

Streaming instead of schedules gives viewers the choice of what to watch when, instead of putting that choice in the hands of schedulers. At this rate, I’ll be surprised if TV channels as we know them last another generation. And if current trends are anything to go by, that change is going to be a good thing.