Guardians of the Galaxy

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I’m going to keep this short, because it’s not going to be very balanced or intelligent. I loved the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Prime reasons include:

  • the characters – all five leads were interesting in different ways
  • the humour – including the fact that Starlord knows he’s making jokes at inappropriate moments, and that’s the only way this ridiculous man-child can get through life
  • the emotional beats – yes they were a bit cheesy, but they worked
  • the visuals – they took the absurd mishmash of Marvel’s cosmic continuity and ran with it – giant head-mine floating in space anyone?

This is the opposite end of the Marvel film spectrum from Captain America. It’s knowingly silly. It takes characters so obscure I’ve barely heard of them and makes you love them. It uses special effects not to create something believable but to show something so inconceivable that you just roll with the technicolour glory of it all.

I had high hopes for this film. It lived up to them. I am very pleased.

A raccoon with a gun - the film summed up in one absurd image
A raccoon with a gun – the film summed up in one absurd image