I Love Eastercon

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Meet Wayne the Wyvern – he used to be a towel

This year was my second trip to Eastercon, the UK’s annual sci-fi convention. I’ve got to say, it’s fast becoming my favourite con.

Obviously, the joy of cons is subjective. My enjoyment was helped by meeting old friends, some of whom I usually see in different contexts, and making new ones. But then, isn’t that part of what convention going is all about?

Meanwhile, I learned some 18th-century dancing, went to panels on disability and revolutions, heard a talk on 3D printing, and made a wyvern out of a towel.

For me, conventions are useful for inspiration and professional contacts. They’re also fun social events. But both of those things work better if there’s variety on the program. Craft activities create a chance to talk with people. Interesting panels give you something to talk about. Well organised refreshments make everyone more relaxed and happy. And dancing is fun.

I’ve got nothing but love for Eastercon. I’ll be back.