Living the dream (gulp)

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For years, I’ve said that if I wanted to write full time. And now, I’m going to live that dream.

Up until now, the plan has been to earn enough money off writing to pay some of the bills, and then quit the day job. But just as my writing’s starting to take off, I’ve found myself without the emotional energy to do this. So, thanks to the support of Mrs K, I’ve put the cart before the horse and handed in my notice at work. From the beginning of May, writing will be my job.

I’m not just going to write fiction. I’m investigating other options that are likely to pay better and sooner. For example, I’ve got lots of experience of business writing, so will be looking for freelance work in that area. But the overall aim is to give me the time and mental space to make fiction pay.

This is both terrifying and incredibly liberating. I’ve needed a change of jobs for a while, and to move from my office job to my dream job, instead of just something else bearable, is amazing. But I have no clue if I can make this work. I believe I can, but that’s different from knowing.

So, wish me luck, and keep reading, because there’ll be plenty more to come.

And of course, if you’re looking for a freelance writer, let me know!