Masses of Military History

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From A Foreign Shore - High ResolutionMy fascination with military history is a little contradictory, given that I’m a pacifist. But story is about conflict, and conflict doesn’t get much more direct and dramatic than war. The courage, the chaos, the carnage – there’s a reason it features so prominently in fiction.

That’s probably why I’ve ended up writing for War History Online, a site full of short articles about military history. If you’re interested in history, then you might want to go and check out my articles there. They’re quick overviews and list articles rather than anything in depth, but I’ve rather enjoyed writing about subjects like 10 great moments in military engineering or the early career of Napoleon Bonaparte.

And of course if you like your history fictional rather than factual, you could always grab a copy of From a Foreign Shore, my collection of historical fiction and alternate history.