New Office!

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I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for over a month, but technical glitches got in the way. That’s all sorted, so now…

Back at the start of November, I moved house. This will hopefully be the last move for a good long time. As a result, I have a new work space. It looks like this:

Moving office was a good way of getting me to think again about how I work and how I organise myself.

At my old house, my bedroom was on the floor between the office and the kitchen and bathroom, creating a huge risk of distraction whenever I went to the loo or to make coffee. This time, I’ve put my bedroom in the attic. Now I emerge each morning like a butterfly from my duvet chrysalis, descend the stairs, and seldom head back up again until the working day’s over.

I’ve also made some other adjustments. To go from sitting to standing work, all I have to do is turn around and place the laptop somewhere different. Relevant books are closer to hand. I’ve got a whiteboard listing the week’s work.

Physical details can make a huge difference to work practices, even when that work’s mostly mental. I’m very glad to have had a reason to rethink mine.

And after three house moves in 18 months, I’ll be even more glad not to go through that again for a good long time.

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