Ninjas in the Library – More Lego Story Illustrations

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Continuing my recent hobby of illustrating my stories using Lego, here’s a scene from my upcoming Victorian action novella, Epiphany Club 1: Guns and Guano. When ninjas infiltrate the library of the prestigious Epiphany Club, adventurers Dirk Dynamo and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms find themselves fighting for their lives and for an ancient artefact.

I bought certain Lego sets just to make those ninjas, that’s how much fun I’m having with this!

Now in Colour!
Now in Colour!

Guns and Guano will be out by the end of March, and free on Kindle as soon as I can arrange that. An adventure story flavoured with steampunk and fantasy, it’s the first in a series I’m bringing out this year, and it reads something like this:

Dirk Dynamo is enjoying a life of learning with the gentlemen adventurers of the Epiphany Club. Joining an expedition to find the Great Library of Alexandria, Dirk finds himself on the island of Hakon, where colonial life is not what it seems. With monsters in the jungle, conspiracies in the mansion and ninjas dogging his trail, can Dirk and his friends find the first clue to the Library before they meet a deadly fate?

I’m in the last throws of editing, and more news will follow as soon as I have it!