Out Now – Moonlight is Third

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Moonlight is ThirdWould you give up your idol’s soul to save those around you? How about if that idol was the love of your life?

I’m very pleased to announce that I have a story in A C Macklin‘s new anthology Moonlight is Third. This is a fascinating project where the editor invited us to write stories with the same title. The result is an intriguing mix of magic and murder, to which I’ve contributed my own mix of historical fantasy and emotional struggle, as a blacksmith tries to unravel a deadly magical sword – a sword that still contains the spirit of her dead master.

As well as stories by myself, A C Macklin, Charlotte Bond, Francesca Kilpatrick and Andrea Cradduck, the anthology has a beautiful cover by the aforementioned and ridiculously multi-talented Andrea Cradduck.

Moonlight is Third is out now as an e-book or print book. If you’d like a little more magic in your life, or to see what happens when five creative minds riff on the same phrase, then please check it out.