Out Now – Short Stories of Ancient Magic and Dark Futures

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I have two new short stories out this week, both of them available for free as ebooks.

Silence on Second Street - High ResolutionFirst up is Silence on Second Street, a science fiction detective story. Foul mouthed detective Holden Flynn is a policeman on the rocks. His marriage has fallen apart, and now he’s the only detective in occupied Greykirk, a city scarred by interplanetary war. Trusted by no-one, supported by no-one, Flynn is faced with the tangled loyalties of an occupied planet and the broken technology of a shattered city. Everyone knows who killed Annie Talbot, but can Holden Flynn work out why, and catch the man responsible before another tragedy takes place?

You can get Silence on Second Street for free now from Amazon, Smashwords, and other ebook stores.

Demons and the Deep - High ResolutionThen there’s Demons and the Deep, a fantasy adventure story. An apprentice magician on a Mediterranean pirate galley, Saul is learning the art of controlling demons. Pursued by the armies of Rome, his shipmates fight to retain their freedom, while Saul struggles with oppression at the hands of his master. When even demons are bound in chains, can a young man make himself truly free?

You can get Demons and the Deep for free now from Amazon, Smashwords, and other ebook stores.