Out Now – The Collection

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They say there’s a library at the end of the world. After the final war comes the Cold. Humanity struggles to survive in the frozen wasteland they’ve made of the world, squabbling for resources and jumping at shadows. So much has been lost – it’s only a matter of time before we lose the rest. But there’s a fragment of civilization left. Urban legends about The Collection, a sanctuary of knowledge which appears where it’s most needed. And the stories about those who guard it are even stranger…

The Collection is a series of interconnect short stories about a world that’s fallen into trouble and the people holding knowledge and hope together. Edited by my ridiculously creative friend A C Macklin and illustrated by the immensely talented Andrew Cradduck, it contains tales by a collection of writers as eclectic and fascinating as their stories. I don’t have a story in this one but I wrote the introduction, which was a new and exciting experience. If you like your stories thoughtful, wild, and fascinating, then check it out.