Out Today – Ocean Gods, Roman Blades

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Ocean Gods, Roman BladesAncient history meets epic fantasy in an action packed novella of war, magic and one man’s struggle to find himself.

Varus is the fiercest soldier in the Roman legion, and the most undisciplined. Fighting Thracian pirates on the high seas, he faces attacks not just from spears and arrows, but from divine magic. With the enemy closing in, Varus finds himself in a desperate battle for survival, made worse by his own divided instincts. Will Roman blades be strong enough to survive against ocean gods?

My latest story, Ocean Gods, Roman Blades is out today as an ebook from Amazon.



2 thoughts on “Out Today – Ocean Gods, Roman Blades”

  1. Is this in your same universe as the one with the demons and the triremes, and the one with the genius loci that had to be appeased before the construction could go forward? And the one with the gladiators and the spell? If not, then you’ve been on a major Romans-and-summoning-magic kick.

    1. ‘The God of This Hillside’ is in the same universe, but the other two aren’t. That said, they did lead to me writing this story.

      Research into pirates many years ago led to ‘Demons and the Deep’, which led me to write some other Roman fantasy. Originally it was all going to tie together, incorporating ‘Live by the Sword’, but over time it became clear that aspects of that wouldn’t work. Still, I was fascinated by the whole business of Rome fighting these Thracian pirates, so when I wanted material for a novella I went back to that well. There’s going to be more stuff in this world over the next few months, and I have the first draft of a novel written and awaiting second round edits.

      Since revamping the webpage last week, I’ve actually added pages grouping together my stories by genre, and the fantasy one shows which stories are in the same setting:

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