Free Flash Fiction

Inspired by fellow writer Lisa Walker England, I’ve started posting flash fiction stories on my blog every Friday. To make it easier for you to find, read and hopefully enjoy my fiction I’ve started a list of them here. So…

Cogwheels and Kings

Steampunk adventurers the Epiphany Club find more than they bargained for in the city of York…

Glorious Summer – Dirk Dynamo’s holiday is interrupted when a cit starts shaking itself apart.

So Wise So Young – Mysteries abound as Dirk and Blaze-Simms head into the city archives.

Naked Villainy – Mysterious opponents try to stop the investigation.

A Tower of Strength – Dirk and Blaze-Simms head into the tunnels below York. The smelly, dirty tunnels.

A Thing Devised By the Enemy – The source of the trouble is revealed.

Grim-Visaged War – Dirk and Blaze-Simms confront the people threatening to bring York down.

Old Odd Ends – Can our heroes stop an ancient machine from destroying a city?

Shadows of the Golden Sun

The conquest of the Incan Empire, as seen through the eyes of ordinary people:

Monsters in the Water – As Bachue tries to get her children to sleep, strangers arrive in town.

The Potato Seller – Amid dramatic changes, Pascac sees an opportunity for a little profit.

All the Gold in Cuzco – A priest struggles against the desecration of what he holds dear.

Embers of the Shining City – Outside diminished Cuzco, an army gathers for war.

We Will Need Leaders – On the field of battle, Kunak fights to save the future of his homeland.

The Spaniards’ Table – An artist meets with his new masters.

The Sun Still Rises – In an empire overrun, can hope live on?

Life Among the Gearwheels

A steampunk detective series:

An Offer of Employment – Above the heaps of broken gears, detective Talia Ravenswing gets an offer she wants to refuse.

Friends in Low Places – Talia begins her pursuit of Jan Shofflekrep.

The Sanity of Crowds – At a protest rally, Talia closes in on her target.

Stay Back – Amid the noise and dangers of The Anvil, Talia learns more about Shofflekrep.

Across the Factory Floor – A confrontation takes place in an empty factory.

Faces of the Dead – Shofflekrep’s hideout is revealed.

Hammer and Anvil – Talia fights for her life amid the noise of a factory floor.

Frontier Games

A weird western fantasy series:

The One Night Town – Using magic at the poker table, Lizzie tries to learn more about a town on the edge of the old west.

Sometimes You’re a Player – Leaving town proves tougher than Lizzie expected.

Gathering Dust – New arrivals mean a big decision for Laughing Wolf.

Blood Washes Out, Bullets Don’t – It’s time for the inhabitants of the Pawn Sacrifice saloon to pick their sides.

High Stakes – Lizzie makes her play for the town’s freedom.

Sometimes the Bad Guys Win – The games aren’t over for Laughing Wolf.

The Forever Town – As the dust settles, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Diplomatic Baggage

A science fiction series about lies, spin, and diplomacy:

What Lies Behind Us – On the alien planet of Herrje, Julian Atticus rushes to save the British embassy from a public relations disaster.

The Best Laid Plans – An encounter at the spaceport ruins Julian’s day.

Friday Night on Herrje – The fallout from a theft ruins Julian’s Friday night.

Making New Friends – PR man turns spy as Atticus tries to dig himself out of a hole.

Things in Common – The aims of the criminals are revealed and Julian takes a bold step.

Revelation – It’s time to face the truth.

Meet the Press – Can Atticus save the day through spin?


All’s Fair in Hell – demon detective Shadowvalt investigates a soul smuggling ring.

All the Beautiful Sunsets – Romance lingers on the cusp of night and day.

Angel of the Poison Plains – when disease threatens her village, a woman goes to the aid of a divine messenger.

Beneath the Fifth Wave – in icy waters, Auka hunts for the ingredient to save her brother.

Betting Big – gambling, magic, and otters fighting an alligator – it all makes sense in context.

Black Cat – can an encounter with a cat get Titus out of trouble?

Counting Coup – a weird western story of magic and the clashing of cultures.

Counting the Spoils – a pair of clerks struggle to count Napoleon’s magical spoils.

The Cut – history meets supernatural horror against the backdrop of Britain’s 18th century canal building.

Dancing in the Graveyard – magic and dance combine once more in the world of The Elect.

Dreams and Dragon Sinew – a wand-maker’s apprentice meets a woman who could change her life.

The Elect – will you join the dance of those chosen by the spirits?

Falling Into Friday Night – demon detective Shadowvalt goes drinking among mortals.

Fifty-Seven Reasons Not to Travel in Time – historical studies go awry for the time travelling Doctor Reemark.

The Ghost of Halloweens Past – a man struggles to come to terms with his ghostly status in a light-hearted Halloween story.

The God of Drawers and Eyeballs – strange things happen when a priest tries to abandon her calling.

The God of this Hillside – a troublesome spirit blocks the work of a Roman engineer.

The Gorgon’s Gaze – an adventure story of classical myths and improvised medicine.

Holes Through the World – a man trying to photograph bigfoot gets more than he bargained for.

Lady Joanna’s Guest – a surprise greets Lady Joanna when she tries to scrape magic from a mummy.

Lies Like Honey – a senator struggles to bargain with a god.

Lies of Love – a changeling assassin faces a difficult choice.

Love That Never Lived – a story about coping with the grief of miscarriage, and one of the most personal things I’ve ever written.

The Making of Meredith Brown – slaves resist through magic in a weird western story.

A Matter of Skin – academics are forced to cruel ends to preserve their work – an intense and disturbing piece, probably the darkest I’ve ever written.

The Midnight March – why are monsters roaming a small town at night?

A Mosaic of Stars – a warrior faces the death of his lover.

Pale Wings – a blacksmith meets a demon.

The Palm Reader’s Promise – a soldier looks for a glimpse of the future.

The Perfect God – a pilgrim looks for a god to give him faith.

Phoenix Season – poetry and magic meet on a smugglers’ shore.

A Pinch of Sorrow – a low-key fantasy story of loss, memory and everyday magic.

The Raminator – there’s trouble at sea in this story of steampunk goblin pirates.

Salting the Soil – spirits lurk at the border of a farmer’s land – can they be trusted?

Secret Sinners – demon detective Shadowvalt investigates the murder of a vicar.

Selling Mercy – a merchant selling emotions receives an unexpected request.

Shades of Loss – a priest faces a ghost in the world of Pale Wings.

Stay With Me – darkness descends on a colonial plantation.

Straight Poker – Rick came out west to leave magic behind. The cards have other ideas.

Swallowing Lies – a woman negotiates with a demon in medieval Japan.

Teeth and Tattoos – beware the tattoo fairy!

The Three Deaths of the Harvest King – sacrifices have to be made for life to be preserved.

The Tightrope Walker – a struggling artist sees an inspiring vision in the dawn.

Togas – in inventor struggles against supernatural forces in ancient Greece.

Turning Pages – burglar Alina must use magic for a dangerous heist.


After Londinium – a warrior explores the ruins of the city she helped burn.

And the Lash – cruelty and mutiny abound aboard a warship in the age of Nelson.

Beasts Clothed in Beauty – an Incan herder encounters a strange beast.

Beneath Cloudy Skies – in the dark of a wartime night, Estelle rushes to rescue a downed pilot.

Blood on the Beach – a soldier struggles for survival in the Gallipoli campaign of World War One.

Botany Bound – can reading keep a convict sane on the trip to Australia?

Burning Lies – a medieval thief faces misfortune after stealing a book.

By Starvation or by the Sword – in a town under siege, a man puts his life at risk to eat.

Cousin Isaac is Missing – a Jew faces fear and prejudice in medieval Norwich.

Frost on the Wall – a Roman legionary far from home struggles with discipline and loss.

Lincoln Fields – William Marshal must decide the fate of prisoners in a bitter civil war.

London’s Burning – a firefighter risks his life amid the London blitz.

Misprints – batling printers and hidden messages in 17th century Scotland.

The Muqanni’s Tale – a young man digs for water in the ancient Middle East.

Off to the Races – a trader tries to alleviate boredom on the American frontier.

Rich in Potential – the misadventures of explorer Captain du Fresne.

Ruina Montium – a farmer’s world is transformed when the Romans come to build a mine.

Sailing Season – high seas pirates threaten the quiet life of a medieval merchant.

The Shoeless Cobbler – a cobbler faces the dangers of dissent in 16th century Scotland.

Tears for a Yeramba – soldiers struggle with change in 1950s Australia.

Titus’s Choice – an officer faces a difficult choice during a Roman civil war.

Titus’s War – continuing the story of Titus Labienus and the divided loyalties of war between friends.

Titus’s Battle – discover the final fate of Titus Labienus at the climax of Caesar’s civil war.

Tuppenny Traitors – lies abound in a tavern in revolutionary New York.

Unto the Breach – Sir Richard de Motley’s courage is tested in a medieval action story.

When the Romans Came – a young boy’s faith in his father is shaken when the world around them changes.

Steampunk and Clockwork

And the Turk Played On – a gaming machine brings disaster for a revolutionary general.

Beyond the Cold Steel Rails – train driver Elenna pushes against the boundaries limiting her life.

The Brass Samurai – a relic of war defends a Japanese village.

Broken Rails – a high stakes train race across a war-scarred wilderness.

The Case for the Prosecution – a pirate goes on trial in a steam powered court.

The Christmas War – clockwork toys muster beneath the Christmas tree.

The Clatter of Dishes – an Epiphany Club dinner is disturbed when Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms’s latest inventions runs amok.

The Daimyo of Dust – samurai hunt a deadly mechanical prey.

Dreaming Skies – Dirk Dynamo and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms have their airship hijacked in the Australian outback.

The Factory No Hands Built – A crippled machinist struggles to rebuild her life.

A Flash of Power – Dirk Dynamo and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms, gentlemen adventurers, rush to stop a runaway factor – also available as an audio version thanks to Steve Cook.

A Hard and Hollow Sound – something musical is amiss when Dirk Dynamo takes a trip to the circus.

Lord Brooker’s Library – adventurers reveal an ancient library that’s more than it seems.

The Revelation of Brother Rufus – demon blood is spilt in a battle between crusading steam trains.

Mech Seventeen – a mechanical soldier puts his comrades’ lives at risk.

Not All Hands Tell the Time – Professor Liveci finds more than she expected when Master Forenti fits her with a mechanical hand.

Not Your Assistant – disagreements abound as two engineers try to complete a machine.

The Otley Listening Machine – an engineer tries a bold experiment to keep his factory running.

A Railway to the Moon – an engineer faces his greatest challenge.

Requiem for a Clockwork King – a prince recounts the story of his father’s death.

Scrap Diving in the Aether – a flying scavenger finds strange machines in the upper air.

Shining Like Crystal – a thief looks for the source of a fabulous mechanical bird.

Smog – mudlark Fred races home as a toxic fog closes in.

Sweet Smoke – something is amiss in this strange factory.

Taking Time – obsessed with his competitor, an engineer hacks a difference engine.

Temple of Terror – an explorer faces mechanical danger in a jungle temple.

Test Flights and Turbulence – when an airship flight goes wrong, Isabelle McNair must use all her ingenuity to survive.

Three Thousand Horses – Isabelle McNair defends Victorian animal rights.

Tick-Tock – a clock maker is haunted by the ghosts of gears past.

A Ticking of Gears – a detective with acute hearing is challenged by a locked room murder.

When the Sleepers Wake – dissent stirs on an armoured war train.

Science Fiction

As Cool as Elvis – who wouldn’t want dinosaur hands?

Babysitter 73X – a robot bodyguard is left holding a baby.

Bodies in Space – a scavenger of dead spaceships finds something strange floating in space.

Broken Phones and Empty Bellies – a young woman scrabbles to make a living amid the technology others have thrown away.

Building a Better Time Machine – changing the past proves difficult for two inventors.

The Buried Past – hunting for memories in a spaceship graveyard.

The Colour of the World – will terraforming end in beauty or disaster on a distant world?

Comatose in Zimbabwe – waking up in a strange and terrifying place, Sarai must run for her life.

The Computer Whisperer – Liv manipulates a computer’s emotions in a high tech heist story.

Davey in the Machine – a prisoner grapples with a broken machine AI.

A Deadly Blight – a doctor finds a strange disease in famine-ridden Kenya.

Digits – a robot because fascinated by human hands in a story from my collection Lies We Will Tell Ourselves.

Divided by a Shared Language – diplomat Julian Atticus faces language barriers as he negotiates with an alien race.

Faces – a spy’s life is threatened when technology fails her.

Friend / Not Friend – a mine disposal expert risks death defusing artificially intelligent explosives.

Genre in a Bottle – a romantic artificial intelligence causes problems for lawyer Roz.

Ghosts of the Space Lanes – fear blights the superstitious crew of a space freighter.

In the Blood – on a planet scarred by man-made disease, a pharmacist faces a difficult future.

I’ve Written a Little Code – a programmer fights the forces of oppression in a deep space action story.

The Long Dark to Io – fear and doubt plague a refugee seeking safety for his himself and his baby.

Memories of Innocence – when memories can be changed, guilt becomes a difficult question for a detective and her suspect.

Money for Nothing – what could go wrong with renting out part of your brain?

My Origami Heart – a love story on the way to the stars.

Policemen With Six Legs – alien criminals try to extort a British embassy.

The Price of Living – at war with the machines, freedom fighters must choose whether to trust medical technology.

Quarantined – NASA struggles with a disease from space.

Skin in the Game – in a world where cancer has been cured, a dermatologist gambles for a precious sample.

Songs of a New World – songbirds bring beauty to a terraformed world.

The Suit – a biohazard suit becomes an orphan’s only hope for survival.

Sunflowers in the Snow – when Neanderthals are cloned, new social divisions arise.

Sweetpeas – out of control plants threaten an innocent looking old lady.

When Lunch Fights Back – the survivor of a crash searched for food on alien planet.

The Wonders of Earth – a traveler finds wonders and friendship as he returns to humanity’s roots.