Historical Fiction

From a Foreign Shore

From A Foreign Shore - High Resolution

What if someone had conquered the Vikings, someone claiming to be their gods?

What if King Arthur’s knights met a very different metal-clad warrior?

What if you were ordered to execute a statue, and hanging just didn’t seem to work?

These short stories explore different aspects of history, some of them grounded in reality, some alternative takes on the past as we know it. Stories of daring and defiance; of love and of loss; of noble lords and exasperated peasants.

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Honour Among Thieves

Honour Among Thieves - smallerHob was a simple peasant farmer until idealism turned him into a rebel. Now he’s an outlaw living in Sherwood Forest, seeking justice at the end of an arrow.

Under the leadership of Robert Deyville, Hob enjoys the outlaw life, feasting beneath the stars and robbing the supporters of a corrupt regime. But as he grows closer to his companions, the darkness of their life starts to show. With not just friendship but his life at risk, Hob struggles to separate right from wrong. Can he do what is right and survive to see the results? Is there such a thing as honour among thieves?

‘Honour Among Thieves’, a historical short story, is available for free as a Kindle e-book via and Amazon and in epub format from Smashwords.


Shadows of the Golden Sun

The conquest of the Incan Empire, as seen through the eyes of ordinary people:

Monsters in the Water – As Bachue tries to get her children to sleep, strangers arrive in town.

The Potato Seller – Amid dramatic changes, Pascac sees an opportunity for a little profit.

All the Gold in Cuzco – A priest struggles against the desecration of what he holds dear.

Embers of the Shining City – Outside diminished Cuzco, an army gathers for war.

We Will Need Leaders – On the field of battle, Kunak fights to save the future of his homeland.

The Spaniards’ Table – An artist meets with his new masters.

The Sun Still Rises – In an empire overrun, can hope live on?

Free Flash Stories

The Muqanni’s Tale – a young man digs for water in the ancient Middle East.

When the Romans Came – a young boy’s faith in his father is shaken when the world around them changes.

Titus’s Choice – an officer faces a difficult choice during a Roman civil war.

Titus’s War – continuing the story of Titus Labienus and the divided loyalties of war between friends.

Titus’s Battle – discover the final fate of Titus Labienus at the climax of Caesar’s civil war.

After Londinium – a warrior explores the ruins of the city she helped burn.

Ruina Montium – a farmer’s world is transformed when the Romans come to build a mine.

Frost on the Wall – a Roman legionary far from home struggles with discipline and loss.

Lincoln Fields – William Marshal must decide the fate of prisoners in a bitter civil war.

Cousin Isaac is Missing – a Jew faces fear and prejudice in medieval Norwich.

Burning Lies – a medieval thief faces misfortune after stealing a book.

Sailing Season – high seas pirates threaten the quiet life of a medieval merchant.

By Starvation or by the Sword – in a town under siege, a man puts his life at risk to eat.

Unto the Breach – Sir Richard de Motley’s courage is tested in a medieval action story.

Beasts Clothed in Beauty – an Incan herder encounters a strange beast.

The Shoeless Cobbler – a cobbler faces the dangers of dissent in 16th century Scotland.

Misprints – batling printers and hidden messages in 17th century Scotland.

Rich in Potential – the misadventures of explorer Captain du Fresne.

Tuppenny Traitors – lies abound in a tavern in revolutionary New York.

And the Lash – cruelty and mutiny abound aboard a warship in the age of Nelson.

Off to the Races – a trader tries to alleviate boredom on the American frontier.

Botany Bound – can reading keep a convict sane on the trip to Australia?

Blood on the Beach – a soldier struggles for survival in the Gallipoli campaign of World War One.

London’s Burning – a firefighter risks his life amid the London blitz.

Beneath Cloudy Skies – in the dark of a wartime night, Estelle rushes to rescue a downed pilot.

Tears for a Yeramba – soldiers struggle with change in 1950s Australia.


Short Stories Elsewhere

A Sword – a peasant girl sees the realities of war in Medieval France – in Alt Hist issue 8.