Riding the Mainspring

Riding The Mainspring - High ResolutionA steam-powered cowboy with a taste for death.

A daring art heist in a moving city.

A zeppelin flight through the smoke-filled skies of a Europe torn apart by volcanoes.

This collection brings together nine stories of mechanical endeavour and daring do from worlds where pistons and clockwork are king. Each short story explores a different steampunk possibility, from the Wild West to the sewers below Venice. Starring scientists, detectives, criminals, and more machines than you can shake a pair of brass goggles at.

So get on board and ride the mainspring to adventure.

This collection of steampunk short stories is available for the Kindle through Amazon.

From reader reviews:

‘This collection of steampunk stories, out of the slightly skewed mind of the author from the wilds of England, is well worth reading… The tales are suspenseful and imaginative, the writing sensuous and evocative. My favorite tale is “Urban Drift,” about a thief whose sense of the sublime is greater than his survival instinct. Each of these stories seems to have a history behind it that makes it compelling.’

‘This is a short, but very cool collection of steampunk stories. Especially nice is several of the stories follow each other, or at least deal with the same characters. The stories range from weird western, to moving cities, to post-apocalyptic, to gentlemen adventurers (possibly my favorite).
The only downside I see is several of the stories end quickly, leaving me wanting more from that character.’

‘An interesting collection of steampunk short stories. In each case, the author has taken a period of history or literary genre and re-imagined it infused with steam- or clockwork-based technologies instead of electricity. Each is a little intellectual exercise of “what if…?’. What if the best gunslinger was a steam-driven robot? What if Industrial Revolution period Europe was destroyed by volcanoes? It’s clear that Knighton is a talented writer with a fertile imagination. Definitely one to watch. Recommended.’

‘Really enjoyable, well-written, original stories. Certainly enjoyed it enough to buy this author’s other work!’