Suits and Sewers

bookdesign347Adventurer Dirk Dynamo is glad to be back in civilisation, with the first two clues to the location of the Great Library of Alexandria. But when ninjas kidnap his best friend and steal a priceless artefect, Dirk is forced to pursue them across London and into the sewers below. Faced with deadly assassins and the strange followers of London’s Underlord, can Dirk save Sir Timothy and the tablet before he finds himself on the wrong end of a shuriken?

The second story in the Epiphany Club series, Suits and Sewers sees Dirk and his companions continue on their thrilling journey. Their search for lost wisdom now takes them into a hidden world beneath the greatest city of the Victorian age, as they discover that the price of progress hidden beneath their feet.

Suits and Sewers is out now via Amazon and Smashwords.


From reader reviews:

‘Wonderful, funny, swashbuckling adventure that tries also to examine the issues of its setting instead of ignoring them.’