Returning to Things I Love Writing

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bookdesign345 - smallerI’m finally back to work on book four in my Epiphany Club series, Sieges and Silverware. I was mid-way through chapter two when I had to set it aside nearly a year ago, as other priorities interfered. And now that I’m back, I’m really loving it.

I was wary at first, returning to an on-going story that I hadn’t touched in months. I have so many other stories in my head now, ones that feel fresher than a series I’ve been pondering for a decade. Would I remember what was going on? Would I even care?

Fortunately, the answer to both questions was a big, fat “yes!”. These stories were the first time I really got attached to a set of characters, enough to endure with them through adventure after adventure. I like the plot I’ve planned out, and the mixture of daft action, fun dialogue and social commentary that makes up the series. Sure, there are flaws, and one day I plan to give Guns and Guano, the first book, a serious revision. But for now, I’m really enjoying spending time again with Dirk Dynamo, Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms and Isabelle McNair. I hope that, when I get this story out into the world, you’ll enjoy your time with them too.