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Lies - High ResolutionMy ability to say anything coherent is currently hindered by a heavy cold, and by catching up on work after said cold knocked me flat last week. There’s a reason I watched Knights of Badassdom this weekend, along with about a year’s worth of television over two days, and it’s because even reading took more concentration than I could manage.

Fortunately, other people have written things I can get excited about, as I have two shiny new reviews.

First up, Dylan Hearn has given Lies We Will Tell Ourselves a glowing write-up in his recommended reads section, highly recommending the collection for sheer breadth of imagination. It’s a really nice review, and I’m delighted that someone enjoyed the book so much.

Meanwhile, Adventures Fantastic gave a positive review to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly 22, which includes my story ‘Feathers’, describing the issue as ‘well worth checking out’. Obviously I agree!

So if you’re looking for something to read, why not give these two a go? And while you’re about it, check out Dylan’s blog – it’s full of recommendations for other indie books, as well as his own science fiction.

Now excuse me, I need to go drink more Lemsip, the sweet lemony up side of having a cold.

2 thoughts on “Reviews!”

  1. Hi Andrew, the review was nothing more than your book deserves!
    Thank you for pointing people my way. I’d love to meet some new people.
    If any of you do drop by, please say hello. My recommended reads section is full of indie books I’ve enjoyed from all genres, including a couple of your own. Of course, if you’re interested in something for free you can always signing up to my mailing list. I don’t spam and in return you can have one of my books absolutely free 🙂

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