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One of the advantages of combining self-publishing with electronic publishing is that you can go back and improve your books. It’s probably not a good idea in most cases – better to move on and create something new. But there are times when it’s going to be worth it.

I’ll be doing that soon with Guans and Guano, the first of my Epiphany Club books. I’ve come on a long way since I wrote that first novella, and I could do a lot better. I’ll soon have a whole five-book series out there and responses to the first book will decide whether people read the rest. So at that point, yes, it does seem worth a rewrite.

So soon I will set to work on a new edition. That’s a strange thought when the book is already published and people have read it. But it’s a think worth doing.

Here’s hoping I don’t choke on just how much I want to change after all these years!