Self-publishing – looking for your advice

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Today, oh wise readers, I’m not setting out to inform and inspire you. Instead, I’m hoping to get your advice on the complicated issue of self-publishing.

How I feel trying to work this one out: lots of options, and I don't have a proper grip on any of them
How I feel trying to work this one out: lots of options, and I don’t have a proper grip on any of them


I know that quite a few of you reading this have self-published, and others have looked into it. I’d like to make use of that wealth of experience.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to give self-publishing a go. I’ll start by compiling some of my short stories into a book, as a low risk way of getting used to the technology, processes and publicity work involved. The problem is where to start. I know that there are a lot of options out there, but I know very little about any of them, and searching the internet returns a dozen different contradictory opinions in a single page.

If I’m going to get contradictory opinions I’ll at least get them from you folks.

My first instinct was to use Kindle Prime, as Amazon currently has great reach and it looks easy to use. But as a large corporation Amazon seems to have some shady practices (not necessarily around self-publishing), so if there are equally viable options I’d like to try something else.

So, those of you who have self-published or have researched this, could you please give me some idea of the options you’ve used and what you thought of them. What’s good, what’s bad, and most importantly why. Please share your wisdom, or links to where you’ve shared it already.

Thank you very much!