Out Now – Earthbound in 9 Tales from Elsewhere


The body floated three feet above the floor, a frozen spiral of blood trailing round as it drifted through the empty air of the warehouse. High above, the open roof revealed the shining points of a hundred spaceships scattered across the asteroid field…

‘What do you dream of, Captain?’ Garbey asked as he scraped a blood sample from the floor.

‘I dream of you getting back on your ship, leaving me and my men to do our job,’ Russell said. ‘I dream of policing a border that isn’t the size of the solar system. I dream of a commissioner’s salary and a movie star wife. But failing all that, I could go for a coffee.’

‘You fancy an interview with that?’ Garbey turned towards the door. ‘Friend of yours is waiting for us.’

A mysterious death in a distant spaceport. Smugglers, refugees, and a cop who just wants to be left in peace. Can Detective Garbey find out who killed an earthbound cyborg?¬†Find out in my story “Earthbound”, reprinted in 9 Tales from Elsewhere #10, available now from Amazon.