Apparently I’m inspiring!

No, today’s blog title isn’t just me saying how great I am – Amanda Headlee did that for me over on the Sarcastic Muse. Last Saturday they had a post taking part in the very inspiring blogger award, for which they had been nominated by another blogger, and one of the people Amanda nominated was me.

Thank you very much Amanda!

Just because I can't work socks right doesn't mean I can't be inspiring
Just because I can’t work socks right doesn’t mean I can’t be inspiring

Obviously it’s great when someone considers my blog worth mentioning to others, and I’m honoured by the mention. And while I really like these ‘pass it along, tell folks about other blogs’ things, I find the use of the word ‘award’ in these blogging awards a little odd. So I’m going to mostly join in but just skip that bit.

So, most important things first, a few other blogs I think you will enjoy:

  • The Sarcastic Muse – yes, of course I’m biased because they just called me ‘very inspiring’, but it’s not just that – as well as a cool blog name they have some great posts on writing topics.
  • The Nerds of Color – I’m a middle class English-speaking white bloke, and even I know that my background is massively over-represented in nerd culture, so it’s great to see an intelligent blog working to address one part of that balance.
  • 21st-Century Victorian – a new find this week – I’m a sucker for anything that’s well-written and discusses history or books, and this hits all those points – I particularly recommend ‘Respecting nineteenth-century women‘ for the Austen fans, history aficionados and feminists out there, or anyone else looking for a thought-provoking read.

Seven random facts about me:

  • I live in a house built in 1901. This means endless repair work – this week we have builders in tackling dry rot.
  • I grew up in Norwich, which is a fine city but a bit too isolated for my current tastes.
  • At university I took part in a student film. It was a fantasy epic called Dunorilus: Kingdom in Flames. It was great fun, but it’s hard to make an epic battle scene using a dozen live roleplayers and some foam swords.
  • For my seventeenth birthday I went to see Therapy? play live. I moshed so hard I almost fainted. It was amazing.
  • My mum lives in Dorchester, the town Thomas Hardy based Casterbridge on. It’s a lovely place, but putting up blue tourist plaques to mark the places where fictional buildings would have been is cheating – bad Dorchester!
  • I have a vegetable garden, and therefore hate slugs.
  • It’s nearly ten in the morning and I’m still in my pyjamas. Writing for the win!

OK, that’s enough from me. Have a great weekend, please take the time to check out those other blogs, and I’ll be back on Monday.


And if you’re looking for some more weekend reading please consider checking out Riding the Mainspring, available on all your different Amazons, including for the Americans, for us Brits, and all those other different-ending Amazons.