Out Now – Praying Away the Plague in Ancient History

Are you interested in history? Do you like to read about the downfall of civilisations? Does the thought of past disasters help you survive current ones? Then the latest issue of Ancient History is for you!

Themed around the end of antiquity, it features an article by me entitled “Praying Away the Plague”, about how people used religion to cope with the Justinian Plague of the 6th century. There’s also stuff on learning, politics, and the personalities of those changing times. So if you’re a fan of well-written and accessible history, go grab a copy now.

Out Now – Roman Archers and Medieval Prisoners

I have articles in the new issues of Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare magazines! I’m very excited, as it’s the first time I’ve had articles in glossy magazines on the shelves of newsagents. I’ll probably geek out and get a photo of myself standing next to them in Smiths.

The Medieval Warfare article is on the treatment of prisoners of war during King John’s reign. The one in Ancient Warfare is on Roman archery. These are both relatively obscure subjects that shed light on the society around them and how people viewed and treated each other. I’m particularly proud of the medieval piece, which draws on research I did as a postgrad and covers a subject I find endlessly fascinating.

If you enjoy history then you can order the magazines here and here.