Andrew has levelled up – writerly update

You see this face? This is my happy face!
You see this face? This is my happy face!

It’s not that long since I last wrote about what I’m enjoying about freelance writing, but recent developments are exciting enough to justify another post.

I now have a paid project writing genre fiction. As long as the clients remain happy with my writing – and so far they’re very happy – I will effectively be a full time paid fiction writer for the next two months. This is incredibly exciting. I would go so far as to call this living the dream. The only upgrade would be if I was writing fiction with my name on the cover, but right now that would be icing rather than the cake.

I can’t go into details because it’s a ghost writing gig, but I’ve met two of the people I’m working with and they seem pretty awesome. The plot has already been worked out by someone else, and my job is to turn that into novels. Their approach to collaboration, creativity and business processes is absolutely spot on. If they’ll let me then I’ll write about it in another post, because I think it’s a great example of experimenting with the process of producing a book.

But for now, let’s just stick with yay, writing is awesome!