Out Now – Roman Archers and Medieval Prisoners

I have articles in the new issues of Ancient Warfare and Medieval Warfare magazines! I’m very excited, as it’s the first time I’ve had articles in glossy magazines on the shelves of newsagents. I’ll probably geek out and get a photo of myself standing next to them in Smiths.

The Medieval Warfare article is on the treatment of prisoners of war during King John’s reign. The one in Ancient Warfare is on Roman archery. These are both relatively obscure subjects that shed light on the society around them and how people viewed and treated each other. I’m particularly proud of the medieval piece, which draws on research I did as a postgrad and covers a subject I find endlessly fascinating.

If you enjoy history then you can order the magazines here and here.

Out Today – 9 Tales From Elsewhere #7

The worn grip of the bow was a familiar friend. He pulled back the string, felt the power of his arms and that perfect yew heartwood…

9 talesOne of my short stories is seeing a re-release today. ‘Feathers’, the story of an archer trying to save his son, is reprinted in 9 Tales from Elsewhere #7. If you missed it on its previous release then now’s your chance to pick up a story that should appeal to fans of the fantastic and the medieval.

9 Tales From Elsewhere #7 is available as an Amazon e-book for £2.