Bargain Steampunk Stories in the Smashwords Summer Sale

bookdesign346Are you looking for some summer reading? Maybe something packed full of high adventure, Victorian society and strange machines? Something with a hint of mystery and a little twist of romance? Then look no further.

As part of Smashwords’ massive summer sale, Suits and Sewers, the second book in my Epiphany Club series, is currently available for free in all e-book formats, and the third book, Aristocrats and Artillery, is available for only $1.50. The first book, Guns and Guano, is already free, so you can get all three books for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Join Dirk Dynamo, Isabelle McNair and Sir Timothy Blaze-Simms as they face ninjas and outcasts in the sewers beneath London. Then follow them to Paris for run-ins with spies and gangsters, as the city of love falls under siege from the advancing Prussians, and relations in the group take a surprising twist.

The Smashwords summer sale runs until the end of July, so go grab the books now while they’re going cheap, and spread the word so that other people can enjoy this cheap literary goodness.