A few distractions

What my blog means to me varies from day to day. Some days it’s energising, a way to get myself writing when my brain has stalled on other projects. Some days it’s satisfying, as I get to scratch the itch of an idea and read what other people think about it. Some days it’s the pure joy of putting words on the page. And some days, especially days like today when I’ve fallen behind on everything else, it’s just one more pressure on my brain, one more thing that I feel like I ought to do.

So rather than write anything of significance today, here are a few links to other things to keep you entertained while I try to get on top of life. Expect something more tomorrow.

Things I’m currently enjoying:

Mini Metro – A simple and fiendishly addictive little game about subway planning that only takes ten minutes to play, unless like me you get sucked into playing again and again.

Old Worlds by The Patient Wild – Excellent folk rock from a band that includes Glenatron, a frequent commenter on this blog. If you enjoy it then please go buy their CD – I got mine on Saturday, it’s brilliant.

Questionable Content – My current favourite webcomic. Worth going back to see how the art and writing has developed. Also because the earlier strips feature more of Pintsize, the small but mischievous robot.