All the Books, or Je Ne Regrette Rien

I was making progress with my to-read pile. Really, I was. For the first time in years, it was less than half a shelf. Then I started telling myself that it was OK to buy any book from a charity shop if it was useful for work. Now look at it…


That’s not including e-books, things I’m partway through, anything that wouldn’t fit on the shelf, or my pile of comic books from the library. If I never enter another bookshop, library or Amazon page, I’ll still have enough reading to see me through to next winter.

In terms of my aim to reduce clutter, this is not a win. But can I ever really regret obtaining books? Of course not.

Also, don’t judge me for the Ross Kemp celebrity tie-in novelty history book. It’s a perfect source for my War History Online work. And the money went to charity. And… good, grief, I think I may have a problem.