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  • The Epiphany Club Out Now

    The Epiphany Club is out today! Collecting all five novellas in my steampunk series, it’s the biggest book I’ve put out so far, and the first one that’s available in print as well as e-book.

    So what’s it all about? Well…

    Dirk Dynamo is used to adventure. He’s chased villainous masterminds across the mountains of Europe, stalked gangsters through the streets of Chicago, and faced the terrible battlefields of the Civil War. But now he’s on a mission that will really shake his world.

    For centuries, the Great Library of Alexandria was thought lost. Now a set of clues has been discovered that could lead to its hiding place. With the learned adventurers of the Epiphany Club, Dirk sets out to gather the clues, track down the Library, and reveal its secrets to the world.

    But Dirk and his colleagues aren’t the only ones following the trail. Faced with strange machines, deadly assassins, and shocking betrayal, can they survive the perils confronting them? And what will they find when they finally reach their destination?

    Roaming from the jungles of West Africa to the sewers beneath London, The Epiphany Club is a modern pulp adventure, a story of action, adventure, and romance set against the dark underbelly of the Victorian age.

    The Epiphany Club is available now from all sorts of online outlets. Go get yourself a copy now, and if you enjoy it, please leave a review where you bought it or on Goodreads.

  • Out Today – Harriet’s War

    I have a new comic out today!

    Harriet’s War is part of Commando‘s Armistice celebration, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War. The story of an ambulance driver on the Western Front, it’s a story I was really excited to write, not least because it covers the under-represented role of women in the war.

    You can get Harriet’s War from newsagents in the UK and in digital form around the world via Comixology. If you want to read more about it, check out my post from Monday. And if you enjoy it, please let me know – it’s always nice to hear when people like your work.


    Cover image © DC Thomson and Co. Ltd  2018

  • Out Now – Words of Wisdom

    Rahiq wove her way through the crowd, squeezing between bellowing camels and city walls that trembled in their brass tracks, vast blocks of stone rotating around Baghdad’s perimeter. Today was the day. Today she would change her life…

    My story “Words of Wisdom” is out now in issue #105 of On Spec magazine. Set in a clockwork version of medieval Baghdad, it’s the story of a young engineer trying to find her place in the world and an aging master trying to preserve what he has built.

  • Now Available for Pre-order – Sieges and Silverware

    Huzzah and hoorah! I’ve finally finished writing Sieges and Silverware, the fourth in my Epiphany Club series of novellas.

    In the face of war and betrayal, adventurer Dirk Dynamo is still looking for the clues that will take him to the lost Great Library of Alexandria. Arriving at an isolated German castle, he finds his life threatened not just by the enemies prowling its corridors but by an army laying siege outside the walls. Surrounded by traitors, monsters and falling artillery shells, can Dirk escape with his life and with the artefacts he needs, or will he be one more casualty of a nation being born in iron and blood?

    The fourth story in the Epiphany Club series, Sieges and Silverware sees Dirk face the consequences of events in Paris and the betrayal he suffered there. No longer just looking for treasure, he must also find a way to mend a broken heart.


    I know that this one has been a long time coming and I’m sorry to those of you who’ve been waiting. But now that other parts of life are under control, the final book in the series, Dead Men and Dynamite,  will also be here soon.

    Sieges and Silverware is out on the 27th of October. You can pre-order it now through Amazon and Smashwords.

  • Out Now – Praying Away the Plague in Ancient History

    Are you interested in history? Do you like to read about the downfall of civilisations? Does the thought of past disasters help you survive current ones? Then the latest issue of Ancient History is for you!

    Themed around the end of antiquity, it features an article by me entitled “Praying Away the Plague”, about how people used religion to cope with the Justinian Plague of the 6th century. There’s also stuff on learning, politics, and the personalities of those changing times. So if you’re a fan of well-written and accessible history, go grab a copy now.

  • Out Now – The Sound of Stones

    alt-hist-9-ebook-cover-copyOne by one, Rhodri plucked the stones from the field and dropped them into his basket. More than just rocks, they carried the spirits of past generations, reaching out to Rhodri through fragments of their land.




    Every spring the same, since men came to this valley in a time older than tales. Rhodri heard the spirits of those long dead men whisper in his ear, an echo of when they worked these same fields.





    The tale of one man’s struggle for survival and his connection to the land, my story ‘The Sound of Stones’ is out now in Alt Hist Issue 9. And there’s more…

    Alt Hist Issue 9 brings you the best new writing in historical fiction and alternate history. This issue features six new short stories and takes the reader from German occupied Yorkshire to Samurai-era Japan, via the Bermuda triangle, medieval Wales, the Vikings and post-war Ireland. You’ll find action-packed stories of fights against sea monsters, the intrigue of resistance against Nazi and Norman oppressors and the upholding of honour within traditional Samurai and Viking societies inside the pages of Alt Hist Issue 9.

  • Out Now – Cold Flesh in 9Tales Told in the Dark

    9tMy story “Cold Flesh” is reprinted today in 9Tales Told in the Dark #18. A medieval story of sanity and the supernatural, it’s one of my rare forays into horror. You can get it now through Amazon, and if you’d like more historical fiction, check out my collection From a Foreign Shore.

  • Ghosts, Gears and Grimoires – Cover Reveal and Book Trailer

    ghosts_72dpi-3What happens when the supernatural and steampunk collide? When ghosts get into the gears and cowled figures haunt the cogwheels? When blood drips with the fog from the streets of cities that rattle with industry?

    In just over a week’s time you can find out, with the release of Ghosts, Gears and Grimoires, an anthology of steampunk horror stories edited by Rie Sheridan Rose of Mocha Memoirs Press. It includes my story “Steel and Steam”, in which colonial industry faces native spirits, and over a dozen other tales. There’s a very nifty book trailer here, and if that doesn’t whet your appetite enough, here’s a small taster of my story…


    Hywel snorted. “This is the nineteenth century, Mr. Kagunda. The world is powered by science and steam, not ancient superstitions and mystification.”

    “Mr. Jones is right,” Filbery said. “There are far more plausible explanations. Human error, machine fault, even sabotage. If this superstition is causing us problems, then we should nip it in the bud.”

    “You have a Bible in your room, Mr. Filbery?” Kagunda’s voice was rising, his guarded, respectful tone giving way to something more primal. “And you, Mr. Jones? I have heard you singing songs of God as you work.” He made a wide, sweeping gesture with his arm, taking in the whole of the surrounding plains. “This land is my Bible. My songs are of this earth, and those who came before.”

    “I say!” Filbery protested, as Kagunda grabbed each of them by an arm and dragged them to the back rail. Hywel knew the foreman was strong, but this was the first time he had felt the intensity of that strength, pulling him about like a rag doll.

    “The white.” Kagunda pointed at pale flecks in the broken dirt thirty feet below them. “What is it?”

    “Chalk?” Filbery asked.

    “Flint?” Hywel murmured, knowing as he said it that the geology was wrong.

    “Bone.” Kagunda’s voice tolled like a bell.

  • Out Now – Racing the Headsman in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly


    Bullets hissed past Sir Henry Torrent’s head like a swarm of angry flies. Some hit the floating prison’s quay, knocking splintered holes through the planks. Others vanished into the darkness, lost between a starless sky and the endless sea. At this range, he feared only a little for his life, the danger adding spice to an already glorious adventure.

    ‘Captain, they’re almost on us!’ Israel Pound turned, snapped off a pistol shot, and scurried on towards the ship, leaving a cloud of greasy, sulphurous smoke.

    ‘Pray don’t vex yourself, Pound.’ Sir Henry ushered their manacled guest towards the gangplank.

    ‘But Captain…’ Fresh yelling caused Pound to put his breath into speed, not speech.

    ‘Have faith,’ Sir Henry said. ‘I told you, I have a plan.’…


    I have a new story out! Published online in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, “Racing the Headsman” is a fantasy alternate history story. In the 17th century, a vast flood has drowned half of Europe. Their Civil War interrupted, the English now fight each other on the high seas. Royalist Sir Henry Torrent is trying to restore King Charles to the throne, with a parliamentary fleet dogging his every move. When he meets the king himself, everything changes.

    You can read “Racing the Headsman” for free at this link.

  • Out Now – 9 Tales From Elsewhere #8

    9t8My story ‘Respect for the Dead’ is getting a fresh release today in 9Tales From Elsewhere #8 from publishers Bride of Chaos. An urban fantasy story of magic and intrigue inspired by Thatcher’s Britain, it follows a coven of mages coming to terms with the death of their leader, the emotional wounds he has left through his actions, and the power void he has left behind.

    This issues of 9Tales also features:

    This issue includes:
    THE RUNT’S RITE by Matt Hlinak
    KRISH’S NEW PET by Charlie Allison
    THE GNOME IN THE ROSEBUSH by Priya Sridhar
    BRIDGEWORK by Judith Field
    HAFGAN’S HORN by Kenneth O’Brien
    ALL OR NOTHING by Jim Lee
    ONEZZELLOTT’S SEARCH by Shawn P. Madison
    PLACED by George Strasburg

    It’s only $2.99 as a Kindle ebook, so go grab a copy now and enjoy some strange tales from worlds unlike our own.