Author Help

This post’s for the other writers out there.

My friend and fellow author Russell Phillips has recently gone into business providing support services for self-published authors. His Author Help business offers proofreading, formatting, technical support, and very reasonably priced web hosting for authors.

I’ve known Russ for over twenty years, and he’s been a huge help to me over the past few years with self-publishing and website issues. I can heartily recommend his services – I’m planning on moving my web hosting to him soon. So if you’re an author in need of help, then hey, why not try Author Help?

Waffling, Interrupted

Apologies to my regular readers if you’ve faced any difficulties with the site or feed recently. I’m in the process of changing my web hosts, and even writing this in advance, I know by the time you read it I’ll have mucked something up as I try to learn how to do web things.

There’s a lesson in this for those of us using internet as a means to limited ends, rather than being web professionals. Do your research. When I changed domain a year ago I stuck with WordPress because it was the easy option. It turned out that it was also an option that didn’t do everything I want. Live and learn, that’s me.

Or live and don’t learn, as Calvin and Hobbes said.