Opening Salvo by Zoe McAuley

Having played in the amazing New Pathways in Lycanthropy, I decided to read the short story that inspired it. Called “Damage Control”, it’s in Zoe McAuley’s collection Opening Salvo. It’s an interesting read that shows someone facing traumatic circumstances and reflects on coping with a world of werewolves. Not as traumatic as living that world a few weeks back, but still good.

I then moved on to read the rest of the collection, and found some delightful things there. I particularly recommend “What if Everything Was Forgotten?” This is a story about someone trying to understand the remains of a fallen civilisation. It’s about eccentricity and following your heart. It’s about compassion for others. It’s about turning the past into something useful for the future. It’s a sweet and unusual story.

The whole collection is only a couple of quid on Amazon. At that price, I’d recommend it for “What if Everything Was Forgotten?” alone.