Today is editing

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Today I am editing. I’ve been putting it off all week, but there are three manuscripts back from editors in my inbox, and that means that I’m standing between my own work and the readers.

Editing’s just not as much fun as writing. It’s picking over the details, changing stories in ways that might not come naturally to me but which the editors made persuasive cases for. It’s like a vet performing surgery on their own pet hamster – it’s for the best, but I feel really awful slicing poor Squeeker open.

'Please master, anything but the knife!'
‘Please master, anything but the knife!’

The up side of this is that I’ve got several stories coming out in the next few months. And if you’re looking for something to read While you’re waiting for those then I recommend checking out Fictionvale. It’s a new short fiction magazine, it’s one of the places I have a story coming up in, and the editors have been really great in dealing with edits and the delays they themselves are facing.

Now, to those edits…

* * *

And for anyone following the car crash saga, we’ve named the rental car Tinkerbell, because she’s so much lighter than Oli was.

Poor Oli *sniff*.


Picture by SimonSays- via Flickr creative commons.