Why Write?

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ghost 9
Ghost writer at work

I write because I enjoy creating imaginary people and places.

Because I find satisfaction in putting words together the best way that I can.

Because it’s an excuse to read.

These days, because it pays my bills, and though other jobs could pay them better, those jobs always frustrate me.

Because I love it when someone reads and enjoys  something I’ve written.

Because I love collaborating with others on telling their stories.

Because I get a bit low if I go too long without writing – anything can become an addiction.

Because writing, from personal journals through to blog posts and stories charged with real emotion, is a way of dealing with the crap and the clutter in my head.

Because many of my heroes are writers.

Because maybe, just maybe, something I write could live on beyond me.

Because stories are the coolest thing in the world, and writing them makes feel just a little bit awesome.

Why do you write?